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How can I download my motion-triggered videos?

Using the Hubble for Motorola Monitors mobile app: 

  • Go to the Event History. 
  • Tap the play icon of the video you’d like to download. 
  • When the video is being played three options are displayed (if you are an Android user you need to wait till the video has been viewed): 
i. Download 
ii. Delete 
iii. Share
  • When selecting ‘Download’ the video is downloaded to the Gallery tab within the app. 
  • Selecting the ‘Share’ option will allow you to save the video to your phone’s gallery or share it to other storage, send by email and other messaging services such as WhatsApp, or share directly to social media such as Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat. 
  • Videos saved on smartphones and tablets via the app are automatically converted at the point of download to MP4 video format for compatibility. 
* The cloud storage and motion-triggered recording features are part of the limited Free Trial or Hubble Membership Plans. For more information about our Hubble Membership Plans: https://hubbleconnected.com/pages/plans


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