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Upon opening the stream I receive the message: “Please wait! Getting the stream ...” What should I do?

If you see this message, we recommend you to try one or all of the following steps:
• Close the app and try to access your Hubble camera again in a few minutes. The connectivity problem could be due to an issue with your internet connection.
• If the problem persists, ensure you are running the latest app version and firmware version. You can verify this in the Hubble for Motorola Monitors app, under About (app version) and under Camera Settings (firmware version).
• If the software is up-to-date, check your upload speed. In order for your Hubble camera to function properly you need an upload speed of at least 0.6mbps per camera (both at home and on the network you are connected to at that moment).
• If the upload speed is fine, reboot your Hubble camera to see whether this solves the problem.
• If needed, try to restart your router.

If the above steps did not help, please contact our Hubble customer support at support@hubbleconnected.com.


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