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How to update the firmware if my camera is offline?

In order to update the firmware your camera should be online and you need to be connected locally, i.e. to the same WIFI network. 

In order to update the firmware for the offline camera, please follow the below steps:

* If your camera comes with a backup battery, ensure that it is connected to the charger and has at least 40% battery.

* Ensure you are running the most recent version of the Hubble for Motorola Monitors app.

* Turn off your Hubble camera and turn it back on. In general this helps to bring is back online. (If so needed you may refresh the camera list swiping it downwards several times).

* When your Hubble camera is online, tap the gear icon of the camera to go to your camera settings.

* Select ‘Camera Details’ and you can see the Firmware Version listed.

* Tap ‘Check’ to see if there is an update available and if so, follow the instructions shown on screen.

NOTE: Make sure you do not reset your camera, and that you remain on the same network during the firmware update (1-5 minutes).

If a reboot does not bring your camera online, then you may need to delete it and pair it again:

* Delete your Hubble camera from the camera list:

(If you use iOS you go to the Camera Settings of the camera of which you want to update the firmware, tap ‘Remove Camera’ and confirm its deletion. 

If you use an Android device you go to the Camera Settings of the camera of which you want to update the firmware, tap the bin icon in the top right corner and confirm its deletion.)

* Now you can add your Hubble camera again following the setup steps.

* And update the firmware following the steps given above.

You can also check this video for the firmware upgrade steps. 


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