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How can I use Google Assistant with the Hubble for Motorola Monitors app?

1. Download Google Home app:

2. Create a new Google account or log in with the existing login details:

a) Create new account
Create a new Google Account using Gmail.
b) Log in with existing login details:
Choose existing account or use any google account

3. Click on account icon:

4. Click on Assistant Settings:

5.   In the services tab Click on Explore

6.   Search for Hubble Home:


7. Click on “Link” or “Try it” to use the assistant app:


8. Alternatively, you can directly talk to Google Assistant and say: “Talk to Hubble home”.

9. Log in with Hubble account credentials:

10. Select the “Read user details” option and click allow.


11.   Your Hubble account has been successfully linked.

Works only in English language.


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